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Kiss Me Tonight - The New Path

 Title: Kiss Me Tonight
Chapter: The New Path
Fandom: U-Kiss AU
Couples: Seoneun/Kiseop, Jaeseong/Kevin, Kyunghae/Soohyun, Juneul/Dongho
Word Count: 1482

"I can't do anymore oppa..." The young girl whined, out of breath as she held onto her fiances sleeves as he held her up. Her energy was draining more and more as she pushed herself during her physical therapy sessions.

"Seoneun... you can't give up. I know it's hard and I know it hurts." Kiseop held onto his fiances fragile body trying to calm her down.

"It hurts too much." Tears started to form in her eyes as she became dead weight in Kiseop's arm. 

"I think that is enough for today, Seoneun why don't you get some rest and we can pick up where we left off tomorrow." Kyungsu spoke softly to the small girl, he reached over and softly petted her head before heading towards the door. "Kiseop let her rest, I will see you two in the morning." As he reached for the door handle he froze for a moment as a scream came from somewhere else in the house.

**************** Dongho and Juneul's Room ****************

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 Title: Shadow
Chapter: 2 Tardiness Will Not Be Tolerated
Couples: ???
Word Count: 595

The small blonde was breathing heavy as she rounded the last corner before reaching her destination. She was just feet from the door to the long distance training room when the bell rang throughout campus signaling the start of the next class. Amelia was slipping on her shoes as she stopped in front of the door less room and composed her self before entering the room. She was attempting to catch her breath as all eyes in the class fell on her including two stern faced instructors in the middle of the padded combat floor. Bowing her head she slightly flinched when she heard Instructor Mercy's voice directed towards her. "It's a pleasure to be graced with your presence Miss Marcus, seeing as you were absent this morning for close combat I assumed you were sick. You don't know the relief that has overcome me to know you are indeed well and attending other instructors classes. As Instructor Starkweather was just announcing before you joined us, class will be different than normal." Mercy's face did not waver as she addressed the class and allowed her counterpart to speak. 

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Title: Shadow
Chapter: 1 Intro
Couples: ???
Word Count: 432

The grand clock in the Great Hall struck noon as footsteps rang through the top floor of the west wing. The wing fell silent, the only sound present was the gasping from the young girl as she fell against the door. She began to bang her hands on the door trying to wake the sleeping upperclassman inside. "Mei! Get up! Alexander sent me to wake you before the Headmistress finds out you skipped hand to hand again! Mei!"
A large thud could be heard on the other side of the bedroom door as Amelia rolled out of bed and hit the floor. A soft moan left her lips as she rubbed the bruise covering her shoulder from a few days prior lost sparing match. She cursed under her breath as she stood and went to the door, opening it to find the young girl her brother had sent to find her. "Get back to class before you get in trouble." Without another word, the young girl ran off the direction she had come. Amelia walked to her closet and pulled out a black tank top matching them with a pair of black yoga pants, she pulled on socks as she walked to the bathroom leaving both the door to her room and the door to the bathroom open. Water poured from the faucet as the small brown haired girl leaned down to wash her face, once she was done she went to put her hair up and winced as the bruise on her shoulder ached from her movement.
"Looks like you need more hand to hand practice miss Marcus." Amelia froze as her eyes landed on the older woman in her doorway.
"Mistress... I apologize I overslept. An underclassman just came to wake m-." Amelia stopped as the Head Mistress raised her hand.
"Amelia Brax Marcus I am done hearing your excuses, you can take up your punishment with Mercy. She will certainly give you a reason to want to sleep in." She moved from the doorway to stand behind Amelia who was still frozen in front of her mirror. "Give me your tie." She held her hand out so the young girl could place the simple hair tie in her hand. The Head Mistress gently but quickly tied back Amelia's hair and gave her good shoulder a soft squeeze. "Now Miss Marcus, off to class. Mercy and Juniper are expecting you." Being dismissed the younger girl left the bathroom grabbing her shoes and whip before taking off in a sprint to the long distance hall on the other end of campus.

Shadows Characters

Amelia "Mei" Brax Marcus | 19 | Twin sister of Alexander, at the age of three Mei was ripped from the arms of her twin brother and pushed onto her aunt Gwenivere to raise. While the twins did not grow up alongside one another they often met to spar.

Alexander Brooke Marcus VII | 19 | Older twin brother of Mei. Alexander was distraught as a young boy when his flesh and blood were taken from him. In the absence of his twin, he grew close to his older sister.

Alexandria "Alli" Brooklyn Marcus | 20 | Older sister to the twins, Alli was ignored by most of the family, only getting attention from her younger brother in his free time. She is an assistant at the school the twins attend.

Juniper Starkweather | 35 | Exhusband of Gwenivere, the pair were young lovers but as time passed they grew distant are friends now. Juniper fancies Mei even though he is older than her.

Gwenivere Roden | 36 | Ex-wife of Juniper, while they grew apart she also did not like waiting for news of him from the sidelines. She raises her niece, Mei, from the time she was 3 years old.

Esmeralda Marisa Ashveil | 20 | A fellow student of the twins, she is one part of the arranged marriage between the Ashveil and Marcus family.

Madilyn Lynn Calick | 19 | Madilyn is a student in the same year as the twins and has a thing for Mei. She is skilled in hand to hand combat but in the beginning, Mei won't give her time of day as she has her eyes set on another.


Title: Shadow
Chapter: 1 Intro
Couples: ???
Word Count:

"Christina!" A loud voice and banging pulled the blonde from her dreams as she sat up in bed and looked around, her room was in the middle of the wings and there were no windows. She glanced at the clock on her nightstand, the only way to tell the time of day. She groaned as she climbed out of bed. "Christina Lynn Roden! Get out of bed before the headmistress finds you. If you're not in class in the next ten minutes you're going to be in serious trou-" The girl cut off as the door flung open and Christina glared at her.
"What do you think you are doing?" Christina cut her off as she looked over the smaller black haired female in front of her, her deep blue eyes bore into the younger girls chocolate eyes.
"You overslept... Miss Kunos asked me to come wake you before word reached the headmistress that you skipped class. I assured her you must have overslept... If the headmistress finds you asleep in your room you will be in huge trouble even for you Christina. Since you failed close combat training twice and haven't made a single passing grade on a close combat test you are required to attend every class." The younger black haired girl rambled on as she saw Christia move about her room.
"You think I don't know how much trouble this will cause me. I'm trying my very best but last night I just lost track of time with my long distance training. I overslept this morning, I'm sure Miss Kunos will be able to allow for makeup training. Now move along before you get in trouble for warning me." Christina said as she grabbed clean clothes and made her way to the bathroom dismissing the younger girl. The young girl closed the door and quickly made her way to the training wing. Christina changed into the new clothes and splashed some cold water on her face in hopes of completely waking herself up. She sighed as she saw the faint bruise that colored the right side on her jaw. She had been struck a few days ago by a fellow student during close combat training. "I'm never going to get this!" She growled and slammed her fist on the marble countertop and quickly regretted her actions. "Why must I be so fragile?" She asked her reflection before glaring at her hand and quickly turned as she heard someone breathing behind her.
"I don't know Miss Henderson but I do know you will be attending two training sessions to make up for today's absence." The headmistress stood in the doorway to her bathroom and she pushed down any quick remarks she might have popped off if it had been anyone else.
"Headmistre-" Christina was cut off by the look on the older, graying woman's face.
"Christina you will not get off as easily if you miss another class. Juniper has informed me that you were with him most of the night training. It would be best if during your late night training sessions you trade your whip for your own bare hands, Juniper is a master in close combat just as he is in long distance weapons. You would benefit from a little rough hand to hand training. I see someone has taken you down recently." The headmistress made a gesture with her head towards the bruise on Christa's jaw.
"Yes but he's not too good at close combat either, it was a lucky punch. I'm sure you know I spent a few hours in the infirmary while I was unconscious." Christina hoped the headmistress would leave her soon because she was starting to get fidgety. She was able to take punishment well but criticism was never taken lightly.
"For that issue, I do suggest Gwenivere's expertise, you would learn much and become stronger." The headmistress never took her eyes off the young girl as she spoke.
"Thank you for your suggestion Headmistress but I will again have to refuse." Christinaa was now rocking on the balls of her feet.
"Well then the offer will always stand as usual and Christina don't be late, Juniper will punish you for tardiness." The headmistress then turned to leave, Christa quickly followed after her and grabbed her shoes as she saw she had less than three minutes to make it across campus to the training hall where long distance training took place. She quickly laced her shoes and sprinted towards the hall.
The room was silent as they listened to the school bell go off, as the last bell subsided a new sound could be heard down the hallwall. The room remained quite as they heard the footsteps grow closer. "Today's lesson will be different this morning." The taller blonde male stood at the front of the class, he didn't even glance at the door as it opened and Christina Henderson burst in. "It's nice of you to join us this morning Ms. Henderson." He watched as she went and took a seat. "As I was saying due to events from earlier this morning class will be different. You have Ms. Henderson to thank for that." The whole class sighed at looked at Christa with looks from hatred to the deadliest of glares. "Professor Starkweather I don't think that is nessary... I'll take whatever punishment you see fit, just do-" Christa cut off as Juniper Starkweather raised his hand to dismiss her comment. "Christina Henderson please join me at the front of the room." Christa stood and swiftly made her way to the front of the room. "Now instead of normal class we will be observing a training session between Ms. Henderson and another student." Juniper grinned as he looked around the classroom skimming the room fro Chrsita's training partner. His eyes landed on a tall black haired male who was slumped back in his chair. "Alexander Brooke Marcus VII would you be so kind as to join me at the front of the class." Juniper watched as the blue eyed male stood from his seat and gracefully made his way to stand on the other side of him. "I want to see everyone in the training room in 10 minutes. Everyone but Henderson and Marcus is dismissed." Juniper waited for everyone to clear out before he turned on Christina. "Juniper, I apologize for my tardiness this morning." Christa glanced past Juniper towards Alexander, she knew him by name but never paid much attention to him. She knew he was a huge flirt and all the girls in their class loved him. She had seen him fight before and knew his specialty was long ranged weapons. "Christina, Alexander you two will fight in three duels - long ranged weapons will be first, both of you will pick the weapon of your choice. The second duel you two will be working as a team to take down both myself and Mary Kunos. And last but not least the final duel will be between the two of you. Hand to hand, no weapons but your body." Juniper grinned as he head both Alexander and Christa gasp. Juniper's class was for long ranged weapons neither of them expected to have to sprawl with their bare hands. "I understand both of you are at the bottom of your class in close combat so you will be trained in front of your fellow classmates. Christina this will make up one of your two make up training sessions with Mary. See you two in the training room in 5." Juniper left the room as Christa gaped at Alexander, she knew he was an expert in long ranged weapons and if what Juniper had said her lacked the skill in close combat just as she had. "You ready to hit the mat Henderson?" Alexander was the first to speak, he wore a cocky grin as he composed himself. "Oh I'm beyond ready to pound your face into it. Let me know how it tastes Lexie." Christa said as she stalked out of the room to retreive her whip.
Christa glanced into the training room before she entered, she could see her classmates sitting up above the training mat. Juniper stood in the center of the training pad along with a shorter female with stunningly bright red hair. She sighed as she carried herself into the room as silently as she could to face her favorite and least favorite teachers. "Christina it's wonderful to see you attending Juniper's class, I figured after this morning you would have just skipped this class as well." Mary Kunos smiled deadily as she watched Christa approach, Alexander had made it to the training room before her. Christa bowed her head politely at Mary and then to Juniper as her eyes finally landed on Alexander. "Alexander." He said as his bright blue eyes glared sharply at her. "What?" She asked narrowing her eyes at his sharp blue ones. "My name is Alexander, you will use it and no other nickname." He said flatly as he watched her eyes spark and she grinned. "If you don't like it Lexie, you're gonna have to make me." Christa said just before Juniper cut them off. "Behave you two." He raised his voice so everyone in the room could hear him. "The first duel is about to begin. Christian Henderson's weapon of choice is a whip, while Alexander Brooke Marcus VII had chosen a bow and arrow. The duel will last for 30 minutes or when one or both fighters become incapasitated. Let the duel begin in 3." Juniper moved off the mat as Alexander and Christa moved to the apropriate places on the training pad, they were approximately 20 feet apart. "2" Mary said as she swiftly left the mat to join Juniper in the trainers box. "1." Juniper said just as the sound left his throat Christa cracked her whip loudly and put even more distance between herself and Alexander. Alexander quickly pulled an arrow from the quiver on his back and one of the blunt tipped training arrows flew from his bow piercing the air where Christa had just been.
Ash fell to a pile on the floor just under where Alexander's training arrow had came in contact with the wall. Training weapons were made with the safety of its wielder and its target in mind. Training weapons were suited for training and would do little to no damage in battle. For example Alexander's bow is one in which he could use in combat if he had the proper arrows, the arrows he uses in training are made of a self destructing material that falls to ash once it comes in contact with its target. The hunters in charge of training will call the battle when enough critical blows land on an individual. Christina’s whip on the other hand is not a training model and is suited for battle. Since she is able to control the intensity of her whip's attacks she does not have to use a training model.
Christina let out a deep laugh as she spun in the air and landed on her feet in a crouch. Before the first arrow had even hit the wall Alexander had grabbed another arrow from his quiver and sent it flying at Christina. With expert grace Christina rolled to the side and resumed her crouch. Her plan was to wait on him to use the arrows in the quiver on his back he would then have to retrieve a full quiver from designated spots on the training ground. She knew how many arrows a training quiver held and she hoped his was standard. He had already shot two which meant he had eleven left. Her gaze never left his as she watched him load the third arrow just as he pulled the arrow back to his line up with his eyes he spoke. "Not going to make a move Chris?" He grinned as he watched her eyes narrow. He sent the arrow flying and the moment of hesitation caused the arrow to brush her right thigh, it turned to ash beside her foot. "Don't call me that!" Christina said as she cracked her whip at his side, no matter how mad he made her she wouldn't attack him, not yet, he still had ten arrows left. "Why not? It's such a masculine name Chris." Christina growled as she flung herself into the air and dodged his next arrow. "Quit that Lexie!" She growled when her eyes reconnected with his didn't have time to dodge his next arrow so she flung her whip in front of her and watched the ash fall to the floor, a real arrow would have cut her whip in half so she was thankful of the training arrows. She tried to pick back up her count as another air sailed towards her. "Damn it." She whispered to herself as the arrow struck her right forearm. What has it been? Four? Five? Six? She asked herself trying to figure out how many arrows he had left; his taunting had thrown her off. "My name is Alexander!" He drew his next arrow from his quiver and shot it just as he realized the arrow wasn't a training arrow but a live arrow. Christina threw her whip in front of her to stop the arrow, her eyes widened as the arrow pierced straight through her whip leaving it in two pieces. She tried to fall to her right and screamed as the arrow lodged itself in her left shoulder, her vision blurred and a ringing in her ears drowned out the noise around her. Alexander's world went in slow motion; as soon as the live arrow left his bow he dropped the bow and yelled her name hoping she would dodge. He could see Juniper Starkweather and Mary Kunos, the long distance and close combat teachers out of the corner of his vision; they were running towards Christina as well. He could hear Christina scream as she fell to her knee his arrow protruding from her shoulder. Alexander fell to his knees in front of her and caught her as she fell forward, blood stained her clothing and his hands as he held her unconscious. Juniper and Mary knelt down as they reached Alexander and Christina. "I didn't know it was live, I on-" Juniper cut him off as he tried to lift Christina out of Alexander's reluctant hands. "She has to go see Gwenivere." Juniper said and Alexander reluctantly let her go. Mary was talking to another student who quickly ran from the room. "Go Gwenivere will be expecting you." Mary said as Juniper stood with the unconscious young girl in his arms. Alexander stood and went to follow but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. "Alexander, the Headmistress will want to see you."
Alexander stood in the Headmistress' office, he remained perfectly still as he waited for her to speak. "Your training quiver held a live arrow, what do you have to stay for yourself?" The Headmistress kept her voice low asserting her authority. "I didn't put the live arrow in my quiver; I checked my quiver when I left my room this morning on my way to the training pad. All four quivers held the standard thirteen training arrows. All my live arrows are locked in the case in my room in the chest; all of my live weapons are locked away. The chest hasn't been opened in almost two months, my quivers are inspected my Strakweather every Friday during stimulation training. He even glanced at my quiver before we started this morning." Alexander didn't move an inch as she watched the Headmistress listen to him explain himself. "Well then care to explain this?" The Headmistress held up the live arrow which was covered in blood, his eyes widened as he took it from her. "You say your live arrows are locked away and haven't been touched in months yet that is one of your live arrows is it not?" Alexander didn't need to examine the arrow to know it was his but he turned it over anyway. At the end of the arrow was his family's crest, the rest of the arrow was gold and crimson. "It is." Alexander felt his stomach drop, if the Headmistress found him guilty of knowingly using a live arrow in a training exercise which strictly called for training arrows he could be removed from the school. Even worse if Christina wasn't okay his family could be stripped of their honor and her family could seek compensation. "I will take this matter up with the teachers and you may be called a pon for further questioning, you are dismissed for the time being." The Headmistress took the arrow from him and sat back in her chair. Alexander turned quickly and left the room, his nerves on end. Just as the door shut he heard his name being called, he looked over and saw his twin sister. "Not now Alexandria." He used her full name which sent chills through her leaving his comment unanswered. Alexander took off in a run towards his room; once he arrived he flung the door open and found what he hoped he would. The glass on his chest had been smashed and glass littered the floor along with live arrow that had once resided in the quiver that lay by the bed. He shut his bedroom door and ran to find one of the teachers.
Juniper ran as softly as he could, he tried not to jostle Christina as much as he could. He glanced down and saw her eyes open, she looked up at him but he eyes were glassy and Juniper knew she wasn't able to see him. "You always have had a weak body." He heard what sounded like a snort come from the girl in his arms before he felt her become heavy once again in his arms. When he reached Gwenivere's office he was relieved as the door opened and there was a bed already prepared of Christina. "Thank you Alexandria, you are dismissed now." Gwenivere said to the small black haired girl Juniper had noticed the girl was never in class but knew she took residence at the school. Juniper looked at the girl and thought of something. "Wait in the hall please; I need you to take this arrow to the Headmistress' office." He said as he noticed it was indeed one of Alexander's live arrows. Gwenivere quickly went to work removing the arrow, she handed it to Juniper without removing any of the blood, he took it out to the hall and handed it to Alexandria, take this to the Headmistress she needs to see this." Juniper disappeared back into the room. Alexandria glanced down at the arrow and her eyes went wide as she recognized the arrow as her brothers. "What have you done Alexander?" She said as she took off into a sprint down the hall. When Juniper entered the room he found Christina bandaged on the bed, red staining the white cloth, Gwenivere was washing her hands off. "Heal her Gwenivere." Juniper protested as his anger rose. "I cannot heal her Juniper; she has forbid me to touch her with magic." Gwenivere sighed and sat on her chair near the bed Christina was on. "She'll get over it!" Juniper was now yelling. "Juniper Starkweather calm down, she will heal on her own. When she wakes if she wants me to heal her I will but I will not worsen the relationship I have with my niece. Now get out!" Gwenivere said, her tone held a warning and Juniper stalked out of the room.

Lunar Eclipse (Intro)

With the music scene falling through these days big name industries such as SMEntertainment, JYP, and YG have been scrambling trying to find new talent. While a few new somewhat success groups have been coming out of Korea lately none have been able to keep hold of the attention of Korean and International fans as the industry is slowly spiraling downwards. The newest hope for Korean Pop music now rests on an upcoming label Korean Music Sensation (KMS). KMS has been working diligently for the upcoming debut of their first Kpop group. While little is known now we hope to see more pop up about this secretive groups. For now, all we know is the group consists of four members, three female along with a single male. Isn't he one lucky man? We hope to come back soon with more information on KMS's upcoming group, stay tuned.


Just yesterday KMS released very limited information on their newest group. Fans wasted no time in locating a few of the members as they left the building trying not to be noticed. A few of the pictures below are of two members as they tried to avoid prying eyes but where spotted.

First up is 23 year old Hyun Gunri (Park Soo Yeon)

While little is currently known about Gunri at the moment netizens managed to learn the young beauty dropped out of school at the age of 16 and ran away from home with her boyfriend Jang Seokhyun. It appears Gunri has been making a living singing at small events and cafes with her boyfriend.

Second up is 24 year old  Jang Seokhyun (Won Jong Jin)

Just like his girlfriend Gunri, little is known about this hottie. Seokhyun did finish high school and went on to college where he left two years later to focus on singing with Gunri.

We will keep you updated as we know more. KMS has revealed the release date for the group for just a few days from now. In the mean time check out a song netizens found of Gunri and Seokhyun, aren't they just the cutest.

Kiss Me Tonight - A New Chapter

Title: Kiss Me Tonight
Chapter: A New Chapter
Fandom: U-Kiss AU
Couples: Seoneun/Kiseop, Jaeseong/Kevin, Kyunghae/Soohyun, Juneul/Dongho
Word Count: 3971

Jaeseong and Juneul were sitting on the bed, watching the small Seomi in her mothers' arms as Juneul let out a small squeal as a sharp pain came from her lower back. "Are you okay?" Jaeseong asked as she scooted forward on the bed a look of worry covering her face. Juneul shifted on the bed as she moved her hand to her lower back where the pain had originated.

"Yeah I'm fine, I think he's just moving around so much that my back hasn't been faring very well." Juneul shrugged off the pain and turned her attention back to little Seomi. "You should spend some time with your daughter. I'm going to go find Dongho." Juneul smiled as she stood from the bed and kissed her triplets forehead before walking towards the door.

"Okay, just take it easy. You're carrying a precious life, don't overwork yourself." Jaeseong smiled as she looked down and smiled brightly as Seomi reached up to play with her hair. Juneul raised her hand dismissing her sisters' remarks, just as she made it to the door a sharp pain now plagued her right hip as the pain brought her to her knees as she bit back the scream not to alert anyone in the house. "Juneul?" Jaeseong stood and moved towards her sister clearly in pain as she knelt beside her.

"I'm fine Jaeseong." The small girl on her knees looked up at her sister and felt a little drained of energy now, the pain hadn't gone away completely but was a light ache she was able to shrug off.

"You are not fine," Jaeseong said as she stood and took Seomi over to her crib and laid her down before walking back over to Juneul. "Come let's get you up and over to the bed." Jaeseong said as she knelt down and wrapped her arm around her heavily pregnant younger sisters waist. Juneul stood with Jaeseongs help and walked with her towards the bed.

"I think I just need to lay down and I'll be fine." Juneul shrugged Jaeseongs arm off her as she sat on the edge of the bed. Jaeseong gasped as she looked down at the blood that had run down Juneul's leg and was pooling on the front of the young girls dress.

"Juneul, you're bleeding!" Jaeseong looked up with worry at her sister as her eyes went big. "You're going to the hospital and you're going now! Stay here while I go get Dongho." Jaeseong kissed her sister's cheek before walking as fast as she could out of the room still weak from all the physical training she had been put through after she had healed. When she made it out to the hall she called out. Kevin! Dongho!" She walked towards Juneul's room and started to pack a bag.

"Jaeseong?" Kevin immediately stood from the chair he was in in Seoneun and Kiseop's room and made his way towards his wife's voice. He found her in her triplets room packing a bag as he was joined by Dongho.

"Dongho, go sit with Juneul in the nursery." Without hesitation, Dongho left the room his walking turned to running when he heard his girlfriend scream from down the hall. "Kevin, go grab the car. We need to get Juneul to the hospital something is wrong, she's bleeding heavily." Jaeseong continued to pack the bag before grabbing the small teddy bear off Juneul's bed and making her way back towards Juneul and Dongho. Juneul's scream seemed to cause everyone to gather in Seomi's nursery. Jaeseong spoke over everyone as she walked over towards her sister. "Dongho carry her to the car, Kevin is out front with the car. Everyone else get in a car, I don't care who drives. Someone decide who is staying with the girls, Daeseong was taking a nap and Seomi isn't allowed out of the house yet." Jaeseong surprised herself with her ability to be calm in the current situation.

"I'll stay," Kyunghae said as she moved out of everyone's way and walked over towards Seomi who was now crying from all the noise. "You all go now, we'll be fine. Call me and let me know how she and the baby are." Kyunghae gently rocked the crying baby in her arms as she quieted down. She and Juneul had mostly been taking care of Seomi in Jaeseong's absence as well as Daeseong.

Soohyun walked over to his girlfriend and kissed her forehead and smiled. "I'm going to go with them and when we find something out I'll come home okay. I love you." Kyunghae nodded and watched as everyone left the room and Soohyun soon followed after them.

Dongho carried his heavily pregnant girlfriend towards the car and gently placed her inside after Kevin opened the door for him. He quickly walked over and got in beside her and helped her get buckled before taking her hand. "Dongho it hurts." She whimpered, the pain now more intense in her back and abdomen.

Dongho gave her hand a light squeeze as he looked at her. "I know darling, we're on our way to get help now." Just as he finished Kevin climbed into the car and looked over honking the horn just before seeing Jaeseong walk from the house towards the car. He fought the urge to go help her by taking the bags, he needed to pull out of the driveway as soon as she was in the car. Just as the door shut Kevin sped off towards the hospital while Jaeseong pulled out her phone and called Kyungsu.

"Kyungsu, it's Jaeseong. I've fine before you ask. It's my sister she's bleeding and in pain." Jaeseong spoke into the phone, quickly answering his questions. "Not Seoneun, Juneul. We are on our way to the hospital now. The pain just started as far as I know, she was fine one moment and then fell to her knees while walking." Jaeseong said her goodbyes as she hung up the phone and looked back as her sister. "It's going to be okay, the will be expecting us and Kyungsu is going to meet us at the door." She reached back and patted her sisters knee as she noticed the blood had slowed but still seemed to be flowing.

When they arrived at the hospital, Kyungsu was at the car door before the car was stopped and opened it looking at Juneul. "Hey baby girl, everything's going to be alright okay. I just need to get you out of the car okay?" He asked and moved quickly as the girl nodded. He gently pulled her from the car and sat her down on the wheelchair as Dongho climbed out of the car and ran to her side. "Lets move!" Kyungsu said not waiting for anyone else as a nurse pushed Juneul into the hospital with Jaeseong and Dongho right behind him and Kevin went to park the car. Jaeseong and Dongho were stopped by a nurse as the group went on.

"I'm the father, let me through." Dongho pleaded before the nurse let him pass and looked at Jaeseong. " I'm sorry you're going to have to wait here."

**************************************Back at the House***************************

Kyunghae watched out the front door as the guys left in two different cars so Soohyun could come back before the others. She smiled down at Seomi as the small girl in her arms grabbed her hair. "What is it little one?" She walked into the house and shut the door before walking down the hall towards the other small child's room. Daeseong was only a few weeks older than her younger cousin. Kyunghae carefully held Seomi is one arm and reached into little Daeseong's crib as the young girl stood with the help of the crib and was lifted up. Kyunghae carefully bent down at placed little Daeseong on the floor before sitting down on the floor with Seomi. She smiled as Daeseong crawled around on the floor over towards her toys. Kyunghae sat with her legs out and placed little Seomi on her legs and tickled her feet. Even though the two babies were just less than a month apart in age Daeseong had been born on time and was growing at a healthy rate while Seomi had been a preemie due to her mother's accident. Due to her early birth, Seomi was under house arrest and was unable to leave because she had a weak immune system. The family had to be careful around the baby as to not get her sick. She hadn't learned to crawl yet and was still a little way away from it.
************Earlier as Juneul started to bleed************
"Hey man I know you're still upset over what happened and I get that but Jaeseong still hasn't forgiven herself over what happened seven months ago. Jaeseong is her sister, and she still beats herself up over the fact that you are in so much more pain." Kevin sighed as he spoke to his best friend.

"You think I don't know that? I'm just sick and tired of everything. It's been seven months and no matter how much I try my nerves just keep get more and more fried and I find myself snapping so easily now. No matter how angry I get, no matter how many times I punch the wall or the number of minutes I spend holding her nothing has changed. Her body is healed but she hasn't woken up. Kevin... I don't know how much more I can take." Kiseop broke down as he reached out and took his fiances' hand. She was so small now, she was small to begin with but she had lost so much weight since the accident and she looked so fragile.

Kevin could see the pain on his friend's face, it had been a few months since Kiseop had cried when he broke down and this time was the same. He couldn't imagine being in his friend's shoes. If the role was reversed and Seoneun had been the one to fall and Jaeseong were in a coma he didn't know if he would be able to find the will to continue on even with his daughter.He knew the little girl they had was the only thing keeping Kiseop going every day. He knew they would have lost Kiseop a long time ago if it wasn't for Daeseong. "I know Kiseop, we're here however you need us to be. Just keep faith in her, she needs you to be strong for when she wakes up. She's stronger than you know, I know it's been so long and I know it's hard but think of her, thank of Daeseong. Both of your girls need you to be strong." Kevin reached over and gently patted his friends back. Before anything else could be said Kevin could hear his wife calling his and then Dongho's names. "What is it this time? She's always calling." Kevin stood up and left Kiseop in the room. Kiseop looked at his fiance's peaceful face and sighed giving her hand a light squeeze. He stiffened as he heard a scream come from somewhere in the house. He stood and placed Seoneun's on the bed before going towards the scream to find everyone else doing the same as they found Juneul on the bed clutching the sheet with one hand the other on her stomach.

Seoneun was slowly coming to as she heard someone leave the room, she felt extremely weak as she tried to moved her hands and felt very stiff. A soft hum could be heard in the room as she managed to work some of the stiffness from her hands and slowly open her eyes. She saw she was in her room as she stared at the ceiling, the house was a little loud as she could make out several footsteps move through the house. She opened her mouth and tried to talk but nothing came out and her throat felt very dry. Soon the house fell quiet as she heard the front door close and car drive off. Please don't let me be alone she thought to herself, her mind flashed to the accident and she looked down at herself and wondered how she was healthy. She vividly remembered falling from the roof at the police station. "Daeseong?" This time her voice was soft and scratchy as she now worried about her daughter. "Kiseop!" She called out softly but knew no one would hear her even if she wasn't alone. After working up the strength Seoneun managed to sit up on the bed and swing her legs off the side.

'God I'm so skinny.' She thought as she tried to stand up only to fall to the ground a moment later, her legs weak from months of not being used. While the fall didn't really hurt her body ached from her attempt to move. She didn't let the pain stop her as she laid on the floor for a moment gathering her strength to start moving. Slowly she crawled along the floor towards the door fighting against the aching in her body. After a few minutes she was at the door, which she found was cracked, she pushed it open more and crawled into the hallway trying to listen to see if anyone was home. She could hear soft giggles coming from upstairs. "Daeseong?" She asked herself before dragging herself towards the stairs her motherly instincts kicking in in hopes of seeing her child. It took her some time but she finally made it up the stairs, she had to take a break at the top due to her body screaming at her now in pain from all the movement.

After a few moments of resting she continued down the hall towards the giggling, when she finally reached the door she tried to stand up to grab the handle but barely managed to move the hand slightly unable to open the door as she sank towards the ground in front of the door. "What was that?" She could hear a woman's voice in the room as she heard someone move towards the door.

Kyunghae placed Seomi on the floor gently before standing and moving to the nursery's door. Slowly she opened the door and gasped as she saw Seoneun laying on the floor in the hall looking up at her. "Kyunghae..." Seoneun tried to speak but managed only to cough. Kyunghae knelt down beside her and pushed Seoneun's hair out of her face.

"Oh my goodness, you're awake!" Kyunghae couldn't believe what she was seeing as relief flooded through her. She smiled and tried to help Seoneun up but found she was too weak to stand.

"Kiseop?" Seoneun managed to get out as she looked at Kyunghae and then looked into the room to see two small children on the ground. "Dae?" She was surprised and couldn't tell which little girl was hers.

"Hold on let me put the girls up and I'll help you up." Kyunghae stood up and went over to Daeseong picking her up and placing her in her crib despite her protests and walked over to pick up Seomi who yawned as she reached up towards Kyunghae. She quickly picked her up and took her to her room before coming back to Seoneun. Seoneun managed to pull herself into a sitting position against the wall. "Hey beautiful, it's good to see you awake but you should have stayed in bed." Kyunghae knelt down as she smiled softly at the younger girl. "Come on, I'll take you to the living room." Kyunghae carefully lifted the small girl into her arms and found it surprisingly easy to carry the girl towards the living room. When she entered the room she took her to the couch and sat her down, she grabbed a blanket and covered her. "Let me call Kiseop okay, they had to take Juneul to the hospital."

Kyunghae didn't say anymore so as not to frighten the young girl before her. Seoneun nodded and curled up under the blanket as the aching died down a little throughout her body. Kyunghae left the room as she pulled out her phone and attempted to call Kiseop. She was surprised to hear the ringing coming from down the hall, she hung up and called her boyfriend. 'Hey Kyunghae we are stil-' She cut off her boyfriend on the other end of the phone. "Give the phone to Kiseop." She said as she entered the kitchen and grabbed a cup from the cabinet to fill with water for Seoneun. She heard movement on the phone before she heard Kiseop. 'Kyunghae?' "Kiseop, you need to come home now. Let Soohyun drive you." Kyunghae tried not to sound happy, she wanted Kiseop to be here as fast as he could but he didn't want them to hurry home and get in an accident. 'What's wrong, did something happen to Daeseong?' He asked a little worried. "It's not Daeseong, just hurry home. it's nothing bad. Be safe." Kyunghae hung up the phone before she was faced with more questions. She quickly dialed a nurse to come and do a check up on Seoneun since Kyungsu was busy with her triplet and unborn child.

Walking back to the living room she handed the glass of water to Seoneun and sat down beside her. "How are you feeling sweetheart?" Kyunghae couldn't hold back the smile anymore but resisted the urge to pull Seoneun into a hug.

"I hurt all over." Her voice was still soft and strained but the water was helping that. "What happened, I remember falling off the roof but nothing else after that." Seoneun took another sip of her water as she looked at Kyunghae.

"Well... honestly you and Jaeseo-." Kyunghae was cut off by Seoneun's next words. "Jaeseong?!" She practically screamed her sister's name. "Calm down Seo, she's fine." Kyunghae reached over and caressed the young girl's cheek. "She's completely healthy now, she's with Kevin and the others at the hospital right now." Kyunghae gave her a soft smile before patting her leg. "As I was saying, you were quickly rushed to the hospital. Seoneun, we lost you multiple times, but Kyungsu managed to bring you back every time. You were quite the little soldier. Days went by and you never woke. We came to accept you had gone into a coma, your body couldn't handle the pain. Almost a month ago you received a clean bill of health all except the weight you've lost and the coma you were in. Let's see, it's been about seven months since the accident." Kyunghae stopped as she looked at Seoneun who was soaking everything in. "It's been hard on everyone Seoneun, especially Kiseop. They had to put him on indefinite leave from the group. He won't admit it but he was losing hope in you waking up. I can't imagine the look on his face when he sees you." Kyunghae smiled as she continued to watch Seoneun and giggled softly as she heard the rumbled from her stomach. "Hold on I'll go grab you some soup Juneul put on for tonight." She smiled and stood before going to the kitchen to grab a bowl of soup.

"Here we are, eat slowly." She took the glass from the younger girl and handed her the bowl. Be careful it might be a little hot." She walked to sit back down and handed the young girl a napkin to clean up. Seoneun was finding it hard to eat but she was hungry so she toughed it out.

"Thank you Kyunghae for everything." Seoneun smiled when she was finished, she had a little more energy and the pain didn't seem as strong now that she was full and the soup had warmed her.

"It's not a problem, I've had the pleasure of taking care of everyone here. Daeseong is such a sweetheart, I'll go get her for you." Kyunghae stood and took the bowl from Seoneun taking it to the kitchen. Before Kyunghae could make it back to the living room she could hear the front door open, as she made her way towards the living room. She put her finger over her lips at Seoneun and walked to find Kiseop and Soohyun taking off their shoes. "Hey boys." Kyunghae smiled as she couldn't contain herself. "Kiseop someone is waiting for you in the living room, and be gentle please." Kiseop was confused by Kyunghae's words as she walked over to hug Soohyun and got up on her tip toes to whisper in his ear. "Seoneun's awake."

Kiseop walked towards the living room and froze in the doorway as he saw the love of his life sitting on the couch. "Seoneun?" His breath escaped him as he was utterly shocked by what was in front of him. He wasn't sure if his eye were deceiving him or if this was real.

"Are you just going to stand there?" Seoneun spoke softly, her voice clearer now. She wished she could get up off the couch and run to him but she knew she didn't have the strength or ability to get up off the couch let alone walk or run. Without wasting another moment Kiseop ran over to the couch and wrapped his arms around his fiance. He could feel tears streaming down his cheeks now as he held her tightly. "Ki...Seop, it hurts." She squeaked out as he softened his grip.

"You're awake." He sat down and pulled her into his lap, no matter how much he held her he didn't feel close enough to her. "I love you." He said as he pulled back and kissed her.

"I love you too." Seoneun giggled softly as she rested her whole body against him no longer having any strength, her arms wrapped loosely around him.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you, how much I missed your beautiful voice, your eyes. Just holding you." Kiseop ran his hand through her hair the tears of joy still running down his cheeks.

"Well I'm here now love, and I'm going to make up for all the time we've lost. I love you so much." Seoneun giggled softly as she placed a soft kiss on Kiseop's lips as Kyunghae and Soohyun watched from the doorway.
**************** Back at the Hospital ***************

The group waited in the waiting room, Kiseop and Soohyun had left a while ago and there was still no news of why Kyunghae wanted them home or Juneul's condition. Dongho was now in the waiting room with everyone, all rose to their feet as the door opened and Kyungsu came into the waiting room. "Dongho she's fine, so is the baby. From this moment on she's on bedrest. She's not allowed to do anything, she's been over exerting herself and it's straining her body. That means no clean, no cooking, very limited walking. She can move around the house a little but not too much. She may go outside but no yard work of any kind. Am I clear, if she pushes her body again we might lose the baby." Kyungsu looked at the group as they all nodded. "Come Dongho, she's sleeping but you can come see her. Oh and everyone, when I got out of surgery I got the news that Seoneun is awake, that's good to hear." Kyungsu looked around at the confused faces. "I take it no one knows yet."

"Kyunghae called and told Kiseop to get home and he took Soohyun with him. She didn't say why when she called. I guess we know now." Jaeseong smiled and took Kevin's hand. "Come let's go home and see Sleeping Beauty." The group nodded and all left the hospital to go back to the house.


Title: Once Upon A Blue Moon
Chapter: 01 The Start of Something New
Fandom: Teen Top AU
Couples: ???
Word Count: N/A

"Oh my goodness!" A shriek came from inside the dorm as loud clumsy footsteps could be heard through the dorm. "Your partner is going to be The C.A.P of Teen Top!" Hyura had thrown her older sisters bedroom door open as she held up the letter she had removed from an envelope address to the latter.

"Hyura what have I said about opening my mail!" The deep brunette yelled as you jumped up from her bed and plucked the letter from her younger sister. "Wait did you say C.A.P?" She quickly grabbed her glasses and read through the letter before jumping up and down and squealing. "Oh my goodness! You have got to be kidding me!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Hey have you figured out who you're partner is going to be?" Byunghyun was walking through the dorm when he came across his bandmate Minsoo on the couch in the living room.

"Oh yeah right, her name is Shin Jorin but I have no idea who that is. The rest of the letter was a bunch of crap." He motioned to the letter that laid on the coffee table just in front of him as he leaned back on the couch and twirled the disk in his hands around. "It did include the track for the song though, care to listen to it with me."

"Wait you said Shin Jorin? She's a member of Moonlight, the vocal girl... Oh what is her stage name... L.Ace that's right." Byunghyun nodded as he took the disk from Minsoo and put it into the player pressing play as the soft music came from the speakers.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Minsoo was in the practice room almost thirty minutes before the first scheduled duo practice. Even though both members schedules had been cleared for this practice it was mostly just for the two to get to know each other and get used to spending hours if not days at a time together. Minsoo put on headphones and started to practice Teen Tops newest stage, even though he had all the moves down to perfection he felt as if he was missing something and no matter how much he practiced or how much he tried nothing changed. With just five mintues till their practice time, Jorin entered the practice room to find Minsoo dancing. His eyes where closed as he went through the moves and Jorin as she came into the room she leaned against the wall not to disturb him. She shifted and accidently hit the light switch causing the windowless room to go pitch black. Jorin fumbled for the light switch but her hands coudln't find it as she heard the male drawing near the wall and reached across her to turn the light on.

"It's kinda hard to dance in the dark." Minsoo said as he flung his ipod and headphones down on his bag and picked up a water bottle glancing at the clock. "Right on time I see."

"I'm so sorry, I was just watching you and I hit the switch. I didn't mean to." Jorin

Once Upon A Blue Moon

Title: Once Upon A Blue Moon
Chapter: 00 Character Info
Fandom: Teen Top AU
Couples: ???
Word Count: N/A


A 5 member girl group under N.H. Media debuting in 2013 with song "Sweet Dream" which skyrocketed the group to unexpected instant stardom. In late 2013 the youngest two members were forced to leave the group due to medical conditions. The group continued into 2014 as a three member group. They are currently preparing for their December comeback "Touch Ma Body".


Shin Seukhye
23 years old
Lead Rapper, Dancer
Seukhye is the oldest of the group and is the quietest of the three, she is more of a listener than a talker. She can be motherly towards the other members that causes her to often nag at them to do things causing some tension.


Shin Jorin
21 years old
Lead Vocals
L.Ace is a very laid back young woman, she goes with the flow but she can have a sharp tongue and doesn't really care how her tongue hurts those around her. When she is not practicing for her comebacks her time is spent doing homework for her college classes, she is going for a degree in fashion design. Once her temper goes off it's best to just leave her to her own devices unless you want an earful of angry nonsense.


Shin Hyura
17 years old
Lead Dancer, Vocals, Maknae
Rinni is a very hyperactive young girl who it's afraid to speak her mind but she also takes consideration when speaking not wanting to hurt those around her. She is the baby of the group and acts accordingly. She has a dating ban until she is 20 but that doesn't stop her from harmlessly and most of the time unintentionally flirting with other young members apart of other groups.

Face Claims:
Hye - Do Hwe Ji
L.Ace - Jang Hae Byeol
Rinni - Kim Da Hyun

Two Singers, A Wolf, And A Vamp

Title: Two Singers, A Wolf, And A Vamp
Chapter: 01 The Beginning
Fandom: Troublemaker AU
Couples: ?
Word Count:

"Get up." The small black haired girl said coldly as she nudged the younger man's side. The pale haired man stirred as he opened his eyes to look at her.

"What is it?" He replied grumpily and curled up a little keeping his eyes on her.

"I'm hungry, then you can go back to sleep. I just didn't want to with you asleep." The girl spoke as her eyes faded from their normal brown hue to a deep crimson as her fangs bite her bottom lip.

"Get it over with so I can get back to sleep." He mumbled as he rolled over onto his back and the older girl straddled him, she leaned down and kissed his neck before sinking her fangs into his flesh and let the